Club Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 10am at The 1st Presbyterian Church in Green Cove Springs. Please check "Upcoming Events" for featured programs and  slight variations in scheduling, or email us at:


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 Officers 2013-15

President : Betty Shaw
Vice President : Beth Pickels
Secretary : Kathy Lewis
Treasurer : Susan Aycock



National Garden Club

Deep South Region (State Garden Clubs)

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC)

District IV (FFGC)

Green Cove Springs Community Board

For more information or if you would like to join The Garden Club of Green Cove Springs please contact us at:


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 Garden Club 2014-15 Year
 First Meeting
September 18, 2014!
10 am
First Presbyterian Church, GCS

Come and share your gardening talents!

The Garden Club of Green Cove Springs

Gardening and Growing Together!
Come Join Us!

Welcome gardeners, horticulturist, landscapers, farmers, plants & nature enthusiast, green thumbs, and the growing challenged...

We are The Garden Club of Green Cove Springs in Green Cove Springs, Florida. We have been federated with District IV of Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) since January 17, 2008.

We are avid gardeners and active members of our community. Whether you are a master gardener or just starting off with your first potted plant, we welcome you to learn and share your experience with us, while helping to improve and beautify our wonderful community of Green Cove Springs.


Showcased Flower ! Calibrichoa

Calibrachoa is commonly known as "millionbells". They look like miniature petunias on steroids because they are continually covered in blooms. Also, they are in the same family as their cousin, the petunia.
The plant has both mounding and trailing habits. The trailing ones are best placed on outside edge of a container or in a hanging basket. The mounding varieties will fill the space and then spill over an edge. It is great for mixed containers.  
There is no deadheading needed because spent flowers are small and they will dry and fall off.
This plant is a continuous summer bloomer when it receives even moisture and good fertilization in full to partial sun.
Calibrachoa in shade will stretch and look long and spindly.
It is an annual except in very sunny and mild
winter zones where it can be grown as a perennial to 23 degrees.

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Upcoming Events  2014
Club Meeting
June 19th, 10am
"Plan & Ponder for 2014-15"
Organizational Meeting
1st Presbyterian Church
Corner of Gum St. & Hwy 17


During Summertime, the club is busy planning the programs and business of the upcoming Garden Club year which starts in September. We encourage anyone interested in joining to contact us through July and August via email. You will be contacted asap.


Happy Gardening
 over the Summer!

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