About The Garden Club

Our mission is to promote the love of gardening and environmental and civic responsibility in our community.

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About The Garden Club

The Garden Club of Green Cove Springs exists to promote the culture, preservation, and appreciation of Gardening.

The Garden club’s membership includes aspiring, new, and experienced gardeners, and plant enthusiasts.

Through our educational programs, awards, and publications, The Garden Club connects people to gardening, raises awareness of earth-friendly gardening practices, introduces children to plants, and showcases the art and practice of horticulture.

Our current goals are to Increase Community Outreach/Programs, Develop Gardening programs for Youth, Provide programs during National Gardening Week,
Reinforce awareness of Green Cove Springs as both a Tree and Monarch City, and Create opportunities for every member to be involved in our programs and activities.

Continuing Projects Include:

Starter Plant in hands Maintain and improve Library, Historic Triangle, and Head Start gardens.

GardeningSupport civic efforts such as Habitat for Humanity, Clay County Fair, Parade of Trees, Wreaths Across America, Florida Arbor Day, Food Pantry, Cala Vida, Earth Day, and National Garden Week.

PlantsHost a plant sale at Market in the Park for the community with a focus on native plants.

EducationContinue a relationship in gardening-related demonstrations with Lake Asbury Junior High School 8th grade class.

Green Cove Springs

The Green Cove Springs area was first developed by George Clarke in 1816 from the land he received from a Spanish Land Grant. Mr. Clark used the land for the construction and operation of a lumber or sawmill for harvesting of Live Oak trees. Green Cove Springs was established in 1854 as White Sulfur Springs. Renamed in 1866, it became the Clay County seat in 1871.

The roof of the cavern below the Springs descends to a depth of 50 feet In 2010, divers from Karst Environmental Services reported that the deepest penetrable point in the cave system was 98 feet.

The Green Cove Springs Nature Preserve is located on the St. Johns River in downtown Green Cove Springs. The project is adjacent to Spring Park and a historic district listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Who Are We?

A Little More About The Garden Club of Green Cove Springs

Elected Officers

Past Presidents

The GCGCS 2023 – 2024

President – Jean Watson & Care Valleau

Vice President – Jan Morgan

Treasurer – Susan Aycock

Secretary – Beyrl Rogers

Gail Kohn     –    2007-2009

Sheila Ball     –    2009-2011

Care Valleau     –    2011-2013

Betty Shaw     –    2013-2015

Sheila Ball     –    2015-2017

Care Valleau     –    2017-2019

Connie Gladding     –    2019- 2021

Rhona Scoville     –    2021-2022


Meeting are held on the Third Thursday of the month at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, 400 St. John’s Avenue, Green Cove Springs. Meetings start at 10:00 am.

Club Recognitions

Civic and District Awards
Membership Award

Spring District IV Meeting 2008
Fall District IV Meeting 2008

Yearbook Award

FFGC- 11A    –   April 16, 2009

National Garden Club   –  May 16, 2015

City of GCS Certificate of Recognition

Recognition of Tree Donations & Plantings
For the Library in January 2009

Clay County Board of Commissioners Resolution

Recognition of Veterans’ Memorial Garden Rejuvenation
April 14, 2009

City of Green Cove Springs Proclamations

Florida Arbor Day Tree Plantings
January 2010-2023

VIA/ Historical Society GCS Certificate of Recognition

Beautification & Landscaping of GCS Library
Spring 2010

City of GCS Proclamation

National Garden Week – June 6-12, 2010
Monarch Butterfly City 2021

Clay County Commissioners Proclamation

National Garden Week
June 6-12, 2010

Certificate of Recognition

NGC Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker

Clay County Historic Triangle   – February 16, 2015

Certificate of Appreciation

Taps Fallen Warrior Memorial 2017

Garden Club Awards 2021-2022

Please join us in congratulating them.

Golden Shroom

Excellence in Club and Community

Susie Aycock

Golden Cachepot

Outstanding Club Service

Connie Gladding & Susan Jachimiec

Golden Trowel

Outstanding Civic Outreach

Donna Lawson & Debbie Shvetzov

Golden Shroom Award

Excellence in Club and Community

Sheila Ball – 2008

Care Valleau – 2009 & 2014

Gail Kohn – 2010 & 2017

Carol Sigler – 2011

Jan Morgan – 2012

Wynie Williams – 2013

Beth Pickels – 2015

Susie Aycock – 2013 & 2016

Maureen Rohler – 2018

Sandra Royal – 2019

Laura Holland – 2020

Cinda Proffitt – 2021

Susie Aycock – 2022

Golden Trowel Award

Community Service – Excellence in Civic Outreach Projects

Susie Aycock – 2012

Gail Kohn – 2013

Sheila Ball – 2014

Sandra Royal – 2015 & 2016

Care Valleau – 2017

Gay Corbin – 2018

Maureen Rohler – 2019

Wynie Williams – 2020

Donna Lawson – 2021

Connie Gladding – 2022

Susan Jachimiec – 2022

Golden Cachepot Awards

Extraordinary service to the Garden Club

Wynie Williams – 2012

Kathy Lewis – 2014

Pam Partridge – 2015

Care Valleau – 2016

Susie Aycock – 2017

Ashley Brady – 2018

Julie Cook – 2019

Beth Pickels – 2020

Linda Kocourek – 2021

Linda Olsen – 2021

Donna Lawson – 2022

Debbie Shvetzov – 2022

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