December Minutes

Location:.      St. Mary’s Parish Hall

Date:.             December 16, 2021
Attendance:. 24 Members, 7 Guests
***Call to Order: 10:00 Rhona Scoville, President. Welcome, new members and guests. Introductions of guests. Donations were presented to Clay County 4H representatives and to St. Mary’s Church.
***Horticultural Hint: Debbie Shvetzov, Easy Christmas Decor
***Business Meeting: Secretary Cinda Proffitt, November Minutes posted online stand approved.
      Treasurer Linda Kocourek, December financial report.
       President Rhona announced Calendar is now on website. Ask everyone to checkout the Green Cove Springs Library’s circulation desk floral display by Beth Pickels this month. Chris Gay will provide the floral display in January and Connie Gladding the informational display in the lobby.
10:30 Close of meeting. Let the festivities begin! Food, plant exchange, food, games, food, and games!!
Next meeting:  January 20
Upcoming Events:
January 28,  Day of Education at Clay Co. Extension, $15 fee
February 23 – 24, Landscape Design
School, Marriott, Orange Park, $65 fee