May Minutes

The Board accepted Linda’s resignation as Treasurer in April.  The Nominating Committee presented Susie Aycock as a Candidate.  The membership present unanimously voted her in.  Thank You Susie for agreeing to be the Treasurer (yet again).Club also voted to hire an outside person to administer our web page.  He will begin over the Summer.

Since we were unable to identify a candidate for the Scholarship, the club voted to spend some of those funds to pay the “tuition” for children attending 2 garden related 4H Camps being offered by the Clay Co Ext Office.  The Garden Club will pay the tuition for up to 24 attendees.

We had a good brainstorming session to identify projects for next year.  These discussions will continue at the next meeting.

So until then, stay hydrated & remember your sunscreen.

And please get your dues to Donna so we can get the paperwork to FFGC by June 1.